New Toni Colette feature ‘Madame’ Will Premiere at Sydney Film Festival

New Toni Colette feature ‘Madame’ Will Premiere at Sydney Film Festival

When maids get too big for their boots.

We’re Getting an Emoji Movie, because it’s 2017

We’re Getting an Emoji Movie, because it’s 2017

James Corden is the high five emoji, naturally.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 “Perishable” Recap

Teen Wolf went all out this week, and maybe just a tad overboard. MTV And The Benefactor is… Meredith? Thought she was dead, but we were wrong… I’m assuming she just wants revenge for her wrong-doings and judging from next week’s promo she seems just […]

How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Review: And That’s How I Met Your Aunt..

SPOILERS AHEAD (STOP IF YOU ARE YET TO SEE THE FINALE!)Yep kids, it’s all over.. The show that spanned over nine years and nine seasons came to a close last night, but was it a truly satisfying ending?Well yes and no. If your a hopeless […]

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 “The Divine Move” (Season Finale) Review

Teen Wolf’s epic season 3B goes out with an emotional bang. Source: MTV The second half of season 3 has been one of the show’s best, the season finale was of course yet another demonstration of that. First up, lets talk about the fallout of […]

Revenge 3×06 “Dissolution” Recap: Emotions Begin To Boil

Was it just me or was Revenge much more emotionally deep last night in terns of drama?.. something largely welcome and refreshing from the show. Check out all the highlights below: Source: ABC 1. Nolan reveals to Jack his secret.. Jack now knows that Nolan […]

Arrow 2×04 “Crucible” Recap: Revelations In Under An Hour!

Arrow unveiled allot in under an hour this week, below is a quick recap of all the note-worthy highlights.. Image: CW 1. The Black Canary Revealed.. And it’s Sara Lance, guess many of us were right.. even though Sara’s actress has changed (did anyone notice […]

Revenge 3×05 “Control” Recap: Trusting The Wrong Person?

This weeks episode of Revenge was yet another jam-packed episode filled with trust issues. Below is a look at the highlights of the night: Source: ABC 1. Conrad’s attempted killer revealed.. and yep it was Victoria’s long-lost and found son Patrick but ofcoarse Victoria covered […]

Revenge 3×04 “Mercy” Recap: Revelations Galore!

Revenge was, well… full of revengey-ness (no thats not a real word) this week that brought a lot of hidden secrets to the surface! Below is a quick recap of all the juicy highlights of the episode… Source: ABC 1. Conrad is guilty.. of Father […]

The Vampire Diaries 5×03 “Original Sin” Recap: Amnesia takes a toll!

TVD was on-par with its season premiere once again this week! Here’s a full rundown of what went down this week.. Image: CW 1. Katherine Peirce finds a friend in.. Elena? Whattaya say about that?. I love the show for giving her the cure, it […]

Week In Review Recaps: Arrow 2×02 “Identity”, HIMYM 9×05 “The Poker Game” & The Originals 1×03 “Tangled Up in Blue”

It was a big week in television, if you missed out on the whirlwind of new episode we’ve got you covered with this quick little recaps.Arrow Season 2, Episode 2 “Identity” Image: CW Top Highlights1. Felicity continues to be here feisty self (those coffee refusals […]