Season 1

TV: Sense8 – Season 1 (Review)

A confusing but entertaining Netflix gem… The Wachowskis are no stranger to playing with our minds but their brilliant new series, Sense8 is on a whole other level! Sense8 revolves around 8 different individuals from different continents, backgrounds, sexualities, cultures etc. who suddenly become linked […]

Agent Carter Season One Highlights

Agent Carter has been renewed for a second season!  To celebrate, lets take a look back at the best moments from season one, and why you should get excited about another season of Hayley Atwell returning as Peggy Carter to take down the patriarchy. Peggy Carter: […]

Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 1 (Review)

Netflix hits all the right marks… Marvel goes dark with it’s latest TV series (exclusive to Netflix) Daredevil, and when we mean dark we mean Game of Thrones style dark. While it can be off-putting for Marvel’s younger audience, the show is a treat for its […]

How To Get Away With Murder Season 1 Episode 10 (Season Return) Review

HTGAWM returns for it’s final course of freshman episodes… There was no beating around the bush in How To Get Away With Murder‘s 2015 season return, “Hello Raskolnikov”. Let’s take a look at the new developments after the epicness that was the mid-season finale. The […]

Eye Candy – Series Premiere (Review)

MTV brings about another promising new scripted drama… Welcome to Eye Candy! A brand new MTV series featuring Nickelodeon alumn Victoria Justice.If you missed or got a little lost in the premiere, here’s a run-down on everything to take note off:A dark past… Not only has the […]

How To Get Away With Murder 1×09 “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” (Midseason Finale): All Is Revealed!

WOW, all was finally revealed during the mid-season finale of hit new series, How To Get Away With Murder… Let’s break it down in order of the night’s events: The BIG Annalise and Sam fight… This was probably the most shocking conversation between these two (now) […]

Faking It (2014) – Season One Review

MTV has created one of the most deep and quirky sexual-identity exploring teen comedies yet… Faking It is currently probably one of the best shows on MTV right now, as the show goes all out and deals with the complexities of sexuality. In that it […]

Late to the party – Sleepy Hollow Recap S1E3

So we are back to the town of Sleepy Hollow, and… oh my, are we not starting with a dream this time? Colour me surprised. Oh… wait, wait… never mind. It is a dream. One where we see a young Abbie and a new demon. […]

Late to the Party – Sleepy Hollow S1E2

Another week another supernatural villain. This week however the horseman seems to be taking a sabbatical apart from a quick dream appearance. Ichabod is being chased by all four horseman giving us our first look at the others, the designs are more then a little […]

Late to the Party – Sleepy Hollow recap S1E1

It’s always a little awkward being late to the party, or late to a TV show.  So join me as I hurriedly try to jump on bandwagons before they pull away. First up, Sleepy Hollow. I’ve heard very good things going into this show, about […]

How To Get Away With Murder (2014) Season Premiere Review

A delightfully new drama to watch this season… It seemed like ages ago when I saw a preview for this show, and it already had me intrigued.Well now the show has finally premiered, and it has certainly lived up to its previews. Unique, ambitious, and […]

Gotham Series Premiere Review: A Promisingly Dark & Gritty Beginning

Batman gets the Smallville treatment… Looks like Batman has finally got the prequel series treatment, just like DC’s Superman long-running CW series Smallville. It works especially as it makes a statement,  which was seen in The Dark Knight films on how the police force sometimes serves […]