WATCH: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Fan Q&A Event

On the 14th of October, a fan event was held out of the US and the UK to celebrate the new JK Rowling film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  The fan event had a live-stream Q&A section (which you can check out below), […]

Get The Best Livestreaming Experience You Can!

Technology is always moving ahead, and it’s been pretty hard to ignore for us movie buffs. You’ve no doubt noticed the buzz in recent years over 4K ultra HD, virtual reality and so forth. Like many people, you may have jumped on the livestreaming band […]

WATCH: Ben Affleck And Anna Kendrick In ‘The Accountant’ Featurette!

Roadshow Films have released a new featurette for their upcoming smart action thriller ‘The Accountant’. The film stars Ben Affleck and also features the likes of J.K Simmons and Anna Kendrick. The film follows Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck), who is a math savant with more […]

WATCH: First Look At Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt In New ‘Passengers’ Trailer

The wait is finally over! The trailer for Passengers is here, and J-Law and C-Pratt fans are buzzing. Director Morten Tyldum, who brought us The Imitation Game, looks to have done it again with Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence in Chris Pratt in an exciting sci-fi romance. The upcoming film […]

Nerve (2016) Film Review: The Ultimate Joyride!

Hunger Games on steroids… Nerve is not quite your typical Hollywood film. It has a certain flare that is unique in nature, yet true to blockbuster formulae. I mean it doesn’t even have a proper logo inducing film opening and gets right on into it. […]

Britney Spears – ‘Glory’ (Album Review)

Britney is back in business… What an album! Britney Spears has truly delivered with her latest album Glory. It’s the perfect mix of old school and modern day Britney this time around. From the opening track, cleverly titled “Invitation” you know you are in for […]

Mad About Movies? Here Are Some Apps You Must Have

There is a movie lover in all of us – even if we don’t consider ourselves to be a cineast deep down. Some of us don’t feel like they’ve done it right unless they’ve been to the cinema once a week or more. Others look […]

Arrival (2016) Trailer (WATCH)

From the director of Sicario, Prisoners and Enemy, as well as the upcoming Blade Runner Sequel Denis Villeneuve brings us one of his rare dabbles in science fiction – Arrival. When unidentified spacecrafts arrive all across the globe, an elite team led by expert linguist […]

Are The Actors In Suicide Squad Up To The Challenge Of Bringing Some Of Our Favorite Icons To Life?

One of this year’s most anticipated films, Suicide Squad has had a lot of hype surrounding it. The question is, does the film adaption of the comics live up to the hype? It’s time to find out. One of DC’s most popular stories, Suicide Squad […]

Suicide Squad (2016) Film Review

Who really are the good guys? After months and months of waiting, Suicide Squad is finally here! DC’s baddest of the baddest unite to fight for the good in exchange for clemency. But does it really live up to the hype? The answer in short […]

Comic-Con 2016 Trailer Roundup: Wonder Woman, Justice League, Kong & More!

It’s that time of the year again pop geeks!… DC Comics/Warner Bros. So many trailers, so little time. Your Facebook feed is probably choc-full of first looks and trailers of the very best in epic film and TV franchises. To keep you in the loop […]

Watch: Hailee Steinfeld’s Raunchy ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ Trailer

Hailee Steinfeld’s raunchy new comedy trailer arrives… Do you miss films like Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club?  Well Hailee Steinfeld’s (Pitch Perfect 2) new comedy, The Edge of Seventeen is hailed to be on the same wavelength. The movie centres around Steinfeld, who plays high school […]