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Meet The Team

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Shahbaz Malik (Writer & Site Owner)


An entertainment journalist who completed his degree in studying media. Has a passion for film, television and music. He posts reviews on all things pop culture.

Genevieve Enright (Writer and Co-Runner)

Genevieve has a media degree, a fine taste for scotch and a secret love of classical Hollywood Cinema. She listens to music of ALL genres (except Country) and is obsessed with her cavoodle dog, Leo.

Fiona Ha (Social Producer)

Apart from being a sport fanatic, also a Taylor Swift specialist. Loves all things celeb goss!


Past Writers

Nathan Bertao (Writer)

Nathan has been a media enthusiast for all of his life. Particularly passionate about music, he aims to put his passion into words when writing for the readers of Media Hype 101.

Stephanie Paglia (Writer)

Stephanie is a media student at the University of Sydney with a passion for binge watching tv shows instead of writing essays. While she’ll watch and listen to anything, there will always be a special place for sci-fi and all things Marvel in her reviews.

Sarah Keoghan (Writer)

Sarah is currently studying Journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. She loves writing about music, and is embarrassingly obsessed with current affairs. You’ll usually find her listening to musical soundtracks or binge watching ‘friends’ for the 100th time.