It’s been a whopping five years since Justin Timberlake released a full album but he has broken the hiatus with ‘Man of the Woods’.

After much anticipation, the big question on everyone’s lips is whether he can reestablish himself in today’s music climate.

Justin has definitely taken note of what is out there and spiced things up with the new LP by showcasing a different side to fans.

He has provided for a mix of different sounds on, giving listeners a little country, jazz, pop, electro and urban this time around. There is a little bit of everything but in turn results in a confusing experience as a whole.

Its disjointedness can make it feel like several bodies of work within one. While it’s not a necessarily a bad thing, it does make it hard to gauge what the overall theme of the album is and can give listeners a bit of whiplash.

Intially, the first half of the album is very upbeat and trendy with “Filthy”, “Midnight Summer Jam” and “Supplies” while the second half after the “Hers (Interlude)” is a more personal affair with the delightful “Say Something” along with odes to both his wife and son on “Flannel” and “Young Man”.

Verdict: A solid but convoluted album from JT that offers fans something different while not completely deviating from what is familiar..

Best Tracks: Say Something, Filthy, Higher Higher, Montana, Flannel, Breeze Off the Pond, The Hard Stuff.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10


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