The Fifty Shades series has come to an end.

A series that brought untalked about sexuality into the public domain. It caused major controversy when the first novel and flick were released which in turn helped the franchise become so successful.

While not a masterpiece, the films have dealt with the impact of childhood trauma affecting individuals as they grow up and more importantly how it affects them and their relationships.

That aside, the films have actually been quite tame in nature and the final chapter is no different. It is perhaps probably the least controversial as it wraps things up with a nice tiny bow.

This time around Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) are a happily married couple but their joy is short lived when Ana’s ex-boss Hyde (Eric Johnson) makes their lives a living nightmare.

Yes, the BDSM/romance series has taken a random thriller route to spice things up. But hey, the stakes need to be raised somehow for a fitting climax right?

Dornan and Johnson again do what they can with the plot and share much more chemistry this time around. Fans of the series are even treated to a cute musical performance by Dornan of “Maybe I’m Amazed”.

While the plot may not be stellar, Fifty Shades has although always been one to give viewers a visual treat with its cinematography along with stellar film soundtracks that feature some of the biggest names in pop. Freed keeps the streak going and ends the series on a high.

Verdict: While Fifty Shades Freed does have some serious psychology at its core, don’t expect to see something mind-blowing. Do although expect to hear some great tunes and see some breathtaking cinematography!

Overall Rating: 7/10

Image: Universal Pictures.


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