Music is such a powerful thing. It has the ability to make you feel so many different emotions depending on what song you’re listening to. There has been so many iconic figures come and go over time. But whilst music has the ability to produce wonderful things and people, it also has the ability to produce the most weird and random as well. I’m sure if you think of weird music, at least one random artist or song comes into your head. But no matter what passes through the music world, they’ll always be something incredible round the corner, whether it be incredibly good, or incredible weird. This article is going to explore some of the things we’ve experienced over the years.


Some would say the wonderful definitely outweighs the weird, which it does. There are some songs, and some performances that the world is just never going to forget. Take Ed Sheeran for example. He is at the height of his career at the minute, and since making it from busking on the street, he has always had sold out shows, and record selling albums. He’s actually going to be touring again at the start of next year, tickets can be found here Each song he produces has a wonderful meaning, and each song catches the attention of people all over the world. Another great performer who has always known how to amaze a crowd is Eminem. His touring boots might be hung up, but he’s still making low level movements in the music scene. His recent track with Beyonce has already take the music world by storm. He has a way with words that no other artist does, and each song he raps tells a different story of the troubles he’s been through, or is going through. Plus, no crowd has ever screamed louder than when Rihanna surprised her crowd with Eminem. The definition of the roof was blown off is perfect for that situation.


So from the really wonderful, to the really weird. Music has the ability to shock people just as much as it does to amaze them. He might not be anyone you or I know, but he has taken social media by storm with, well, whatever he is doing. Known commonly as the weird Russian singer, Vitas perfomed a song he called ‘Chum Drum Bedrum’, which literally makes no sense what so ever. It is that weird it almost becomes wonderful. Maybe in Russia it is popular? If you haven’t seen it before, you definitely need to check it out on this youtube video That definitely wins the award for weirdest person, and video award. But there are other more normal artists that produce some really weird videos for their music track. For example, Basement Jaxx ‘Where’s Your Head At’ is a classic tune that people all around the world know. But does the music video make any sense? No it doesn’t! Maybe the meaning behind the video is for you literally to lose your head.