The follow-up to Tove Lo’s exotic and sensual Lady Wood is finally here!

Phase 2/Volume 2, titled Blue Lips is a stark contrast to its predessor. It’s the coming down of the highs, the loneliness and unsatisfied lust.

Sounds wise, it’s on par with Lady Wood as both have insane electrical productions.

It also follows in suite with a chapter format as Blue Lips is divided into 2 segments: “Light Beams” and “Pitch Black”.

As per usual, Tove challenges the rigid views of sexuality which is noticeable from the get-go on “Disco Tits”. The song title just says it all!

“Shivering Gold” follows these vibes as she delves into exploring the human body and her love of glitter. Oh Tove, how we love you.

Things then get a little serious as the album heads into its second chapter, which is aptly titled “Pitch Black”.

“Cycles” is a major highlight as its so infectious and tells of a vulnerable Tove struggling to escape from her ‘cycle’.

Tove even takes a very Halsey route on “9th of October” as she delves into a relationship. This is similar on ‘Bad Days’ as Tove goes into the delicate details within her lyrics, painting a picture for listeners to interpret and imagine.

Also much to fans delight,”‘B*****s*” which featured as a snippet during the closing credits of Lady Wood’s short film appears on this volume!

Verdict: A superb follow-up to Lady Wood that shows more versatility than its predecessor.

Best Tracks: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Stranger, Romantics, Cycle, Struggle, 9th of October.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Photo: Universal Music