The DCEU answers the Avengers battle call in the form of Justice League.

While it’s good to finally have it out in the universe, it unfortunately is not on-par with the quality of Wonder Woman.

Justice League feels very rushed both in story, character introductions and pacing.

That does not mean there is no fun to be had here as The Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman make this DC flick not entirely lackluster . Director, Zack Snyder and the powers that be  had listened to fans by injecting some much needed humour to their dark motion picture universe.

Yes, listening to viewers may have helped  in the humour department, but character development and story need to be fleshed out more.

It basically tells the story of a much more inspired Batman rounding up other superheroes to bring down destroyer of worlds, Steppenwolf. In summary, that is it.

For such a powerhouse of heroes, it feels quite underwhelming and not as epic as it should have been. It could all be drawn down to the choice of villain. With a stronger emphasis on motive and characterisation, the film may have been the blockbuster film it was projected to be.

We are teased with more thread in the story in the credits, which may be an exciting and welcome development for the series and for true believers.

Verdict: DC have switched things up a bit for Justice League by adding some much needed lighter elements but is unfortunately lacking in several other key departments.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Roadshow Films