Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Film Review

Thor’s third solo adventure has arrived and boy is it fun!

Marvel has really upped the antics and humour for this installment. They have even hosted a Spiderman: Homecoming style party by bringing in other Avengers to help out a friend.

There’s one surprise that I won’t mention to avoid spoilers, and just like the trailer promised, the Hulk makes an incredible entrance (unlike the slight cameo of Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049).

This time around, Thor (the hunky Chris Hemsworth) is faced with his greatest foe yet. His own sister (the superb Cate Blanchett) assigns her rule as the goddess of death as tensions run rife in the family.

Shut out of Asgard, Thor must return with the help of his now frenemy brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) to end Hela’s devastating reign over Asgard.

There’s also the great addition of badass Valkyrie, played by the talented Tessa Thompson who really puts Thor to the test.

It’s truly a superhero Marvel blockbuster through and through, and is probably the funniest flick in the MCU. Director Taika Watiti hits all the right notes with a new take on a fan favourite.

While it is a fun ride, it does get a bit overwhelming by its overly superfluous style. It’s outlandish and feels very Guardians of the Galaxy but hey, shouldn’t superhero films be wildly crazy fun flicks?

Verdict: A entertaining and wildly hilarious addition to the MCU that hits all the right notes, even if it sometimes does strike too much thunder.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Photo: Disney/Marvel.