The Killers ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ (2017) Album Review

After a five year album hiatus, The Killers have returned with the simply named ‘Wonderful Wonderful’.  If nabbing second best album for the year 2012 by Rolling Stone magazine was the standard, understandably you might have big expectations from their latest addition.

For a band that could be a stadium sellout, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ seems a tad lacklustre.

The titular opening track cries out out like a horn or a siren in the desert, perhaps to alert us to the tone of the rest of the offerings. A drumbeat starts up in the distance and mimicking a choir or gospel, the organ comes into play to portray an almost spiritual mood.

Motherless child, follow my voice//And I shall give thee great cause to rejoice ” Brandon Flowers sing as he speaks of a guardian angel, or perhaps someone lost wandering around without an identity.

It’s a welcome, but not a comeback

By the time we reach ‘The Man’ which has been flagged as the lead single, synthesisers feature heavily.

“Who’s the man? Who’s the man?// I’m the man, I’m the man//Who’s the man with the plan?
Imagine a swagger song like ‘Uptown Funk” without the funk.  Strutting around with pseudo confidence does not have us convinced.

‘Life to Come’ is about a heaven of sorts, or being held in a purgatory of waiting around for a lover who may not come. Having faith in this person can be very trying for the soul.

Changing from a sombre mood to a tenacious battle cry heralds ‘Run for Cover,’ a battle cry with an upbeat tempo and a subtle enough reference to by way of a ‘fake news’ lyric. Staying apathetic has never been what real rockstars have expected of us.

‘Tyson v Douglas’ is the ultimate underdog story about one of the worst sports upsets in history, and it rattles you with the reminder that you’re only as powerful as your last fight. Really, it’s about growing up and not becoming complacent with your success? It’s a fast song, but slows you down with these barbs.

We predict it will be a frontrunner as the next single to be released, but then again we might lose that bet.

‘Wonderful Wonderful’ excites and rattles, inspires and inquires, but by the closing track its already let off too much steam.

Verdict: 6.5/10

Photo credit: Island Records