Pink – ‘Beautiful Trauma’ (Album Review)

Raise your glass because P!nk is finally back!

This time around she has switched up her style for mid-tempo and emotional heavy songs along with her usual signature brand of catchy pop.

“Revenge” which features Eminem, “Where We Go”, the catchy “Secrets” and “Beautiful Trauma” are likely the more upbeat tracks on the album. They are pure pop P!nk and are delightful as ever.

The rest is P!nk speaking her truth. Adjusting to motherhood, her love life and making sense of our confusing world.

Growing up is a central theme on the album, with “Barbies” particularly dealing with those moments in life when you just want to go back to the simple days. There’s also a stunning choir/folk inspired track titled “I Am Here” that touches on just how far P!nk has come and how strong she has become.

As with her love and family life, we also see P!nk at her most emotional and vulnerable on tracks like “Whatever You Want”, “But We Lost It” and piano album closer “You Get My Love”.

Also not one to shy away from politics, P!nk makes her stance loud and clear in the subtle but powerful first single “What About Us”. Another stunning moment is on “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” where the songstress delves into women power and speaking the truth without fear. No ropes will tie her down and no tape will shut her mouth!

Verdict: P!nk has done it again! ‘Beautiful Trauma’ is a beautiful listening experience that features a mix of fun pop, but more prominently contains deeper emotional pop that really puts in perspective just where P!nk is at. She’s grown and matured sonically just as she has with her life.

Best Tracks: Wherever We Go, Secrets, What About Us, Barbies, Where We Go, For Now, I Am Here, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, Whatever You Want.

Overall rating: 8/10

Photo: Sony Music