IT (2017) Film Review

Stephen King’s cult classic IT has been remade for modern times, following the trends of reboots and remakes that 2017 has provided.

The film centres around the disappearance of Bill’s brother, Georgie, after he tragically goes missing. Years pass by and strange happenings begin to occur yet again with a mysterious clown called Pennywise haunting young children.

While the film is quite fun, It can be a bit frustrating though as the creepy clown is a mystery to viewers. Yes, it may appear out of nowhere and scare the children (and the audience) but it’s a little unclear exactly who Pennywise is or where it came from.

Other than that, everything is on point. Great cinematography, a superb young cast, excellent score and the perfect balance of comedy and suspense. There is also quite a few scenes which will make you jump straight out of your chair. Darn those jump scares!

What makes the film work well is its treatment of growing up and facing our childish human fears. Stephen King always knows how to tap into the subconscious mind and it’s just brilliant!

Verdict: A great adaption of a Stephen King classic. There are plenty of thrills and scares to be had here even as crazy as they may be. Whilst entertaining, there is an urgency for more time spent on understanding IT’s backstory.

Don’t miss it!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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