If SNL didn’t showcase the live stage presence of ‘ol Harry,then the BBC Live Lounge has something on offer.

It felt like we were backstage in the  recording studio with a tinge of blue lighting and that raw feel that fans will recognise when treated to a VIP Pass.

First on the set list was ‘Sign of the Times’ with Harry keeping eyes his eyes closed in and never leaving the mike.

Wearing his starry boho jacket and sporting shorter, cropped hair, he performed a more mellow rendition of the song.


Strapping on a guitar for ‘Two Ghosts’, and with backing vocals echoing in the distance,  Styles became more illuminated like a ghost and relaxed more into the performance.



Finally, he broke ranks with ‘The Chain’, a Fleetwood Mac cover that echoed Stevie Nicks and transformed the atmosphere into an upbeat, clap-along gig that crescendoed with a guitar solo that almost fooled us into thinking our Harry was alive in the 70s.


Is there anything this Brit can’t do?



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