Fifth Harmony – ‘Fifth Harmony’ (2017) Review

Now with one girl down, Fifth Harmony is pretty much Fourth Harmony. But can the group survive without Camila Cabello?

The answer to that is quite murky.

While there are some solid tracks on their self-titled album, it is missing a little something more. It doesn’t necessarily come down to not having Camila, but more about the material.

With Camila out of the picture, there should have been a greater focus on switching things up. Experimenting with new flavours, rather than a rehash of their previous material.

“He Like That”, “Sauced Up” and “Angel” are the strongest contenders for their fun pop sound. “Angel” especially is a stand out due to the dark infused change in sound from the band.

The best tracks are the ones which take a break from their usual signature style. “Don’t Say You Love Me” and “Bridges” are superb tracks with empowering messages. “Don’t Say You Love Me” about wanting to be treated right while “Bridges” seems to address the current political climate of America.

Verdict: A mixed bag of tunes from the American girl band. Despite one member down, they prove they are capable of moving forward.

In saying that, there needs to be more material that allows the girls to get outside their comfort zone.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Best Tracks: Don’t Say You Love Me, He Like That, Bridges, Angel, Sauced Up.

Image: Sony Music