5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Darling Harbour ASAP

darling harbour

The gleaming pearl of the Land Down Under, the city of Sydney, is the primary destination for tourists across the globe. There is a plethora of stunning attractions, but one that stands out is Darling Harbour. It is a destination that stretches along western, southern, and eastern sides of Cockle Bay, attracting people with shops, museums, parks, wildlife, aquariums, and waterside walks. Here are some must-dos for those who want to embark on an Aussie adventure and visit this captivating harbourside spot.

Scenic cruises

Harbour cruises are an authentic, relaxing, and exciting way to experience the shore. One can take a ferry trip to any waterfront location and enjoy a striking view of the largest city and harbour in Australia. Visitors may pick scenic, lunch, sunset, and dinner cruises that offer something special for everyone. There are various departure times throughout the week and both during day and night. So, whatever floats your boat, do not miss a chance to go on a thrilling ferry adventure.

Cockle Bay Wharf food bliss

Sydney is well-known for its local cuisine, and there is no better place to get the taste of it than Cockle Bay Wharf, a real Mecca for Aussie food. The shoreline is dotted with fine establishments where you can grab a drink or a bite. Locals would tell you that simply wandering along the busy wharf is the best way to find hidden gems and stumble across weekend deals and special offers. And if you ask me, you cannot go wrong with eateries in the league of Adria Bar Restaurant and Angus Steakhouse.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

When you get tired of the hustle and bustle, you can find peace in the oasis called the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Tucked right in the center of metropolitan landscape, it attracts you with lush nature, hidden pathways, tea fragrance, and timeless beauty. This green sanctuary contains an abundance of exotic plants and attention-arresting water features. It also helps that one can find great accommodation in the vicinity, including Holiday Inn Darling Harbour and other high-grade hotels.  

Australian National Maritime Museum


Darling Harbour certainly does not lack in the museum department. In fact, Australian National Maritime Museum is one of the most amazing places to visit, especially if you are a fan of all things nautical. There are fun and interactive exhibitions that give you insights into the rich maritime history of Australia and feature artifacts that still capture people’s imagination. One can even climb aboard famous vessels and explore their well-preserved interiors, which should satisfy both pirates and landlubbers alike.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

You do not have to explore the outback in order to spot kangaroos. In the heart of Sydney, you can even pet and feed them. Namely, WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, which sits right next to the Sea Life Aquarium, another great attraction, gives visitors a chance to get real close to iconic Aussie animals. Apart from kangaroos, the zoo is home to venomous snakes, indigenous lizards, a fearless Tasmanian devil, adorable wombats, picturesque butterflies, and of course, koalas.

Do not miss the boat

From family-friendly attractions and world-famous landmarks to adult bars and fantastic nightlife, Darling Harbour seems to have it all. It epitomizes the welcoming and warm nature of the bustling city. People of all ages and interests can have a whale of a time and create memories that will last you a lifetime. So, do yourself a favor and add these places to your bucket list. Feel the friendly buzz and brace yourself for a heap of things to do. Sydney is ready to embrace you.