The Big Sick (2017) Review

The Big Sick is probably one of the realest romantic comedies you will ever watch. Probably because it’s actually the real story of actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his now wife Emily V. Gordon – and it’s produced by the king of comedy, Judd Apatow.

The story starts in Chicago and Kumail is a Pakistani-American trying to make it in comedy and is an Uber driver in his spare time. His family moved to America when he was a kid to give him a better life, but they’re desperately trying to hang onto their identity that they left behind by attempting to arrange a marriage for Kumail.

One night after one of his comedy show’s Kumail meets the beautiful grad student Emily, played by Zoe Kazan. They hit it off but a few weeks after they start dating, Emily gets sick and falls into a coma.

The story then centres around the amazing relationship that grows between Kumail and Zoe’s parents (played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano). Zoe’s parents are honestly the best part of this entire movie. They are funny and caring, but not without their own problems, all which come to light during one of the most difficult times of their lives.

The real Kumail and Emily (source: ScreenFish)

Personally, growing up with an Indian mother and Australian father, I can totally relate to the cultural guilt that Kumail finds himself facing from his family as well as the outside world. That being said, anyone can relate to the pressures that parents can put on their children – even if the issue is not as extreme as arranged marriage.

Everything about this movie is straight up honest and the dialogue is funny because it’s so real. It’s exactly what you would expect someone to say in that same situation. Definitely a must watch!

Verdict: 7/10