Is Taylor Swift making her big return with a Katy Perry reunion?

Taylor Swift has been MIA from the pop music world and everyone has gotten a little thirsty.

Her last album ‘1989’ was released back in 2014 and we are now due for the follow up!

It looks like fans prayers are about to be answered though and just in time for the MTV Video Music Awards.

People were quick to discover when the pop star has wiped everything from all her socials.

Are we about to blessed with new music? See all the evidence below:

As for the Katy reunion rumours, a few have been circulating that the duo could be performing together!

Katy is also hosting this year’s VMAs so what better way to make use of the show than end a very publicised public feud.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, Taylor’s recent social media wipe out could be proof the rumours are true.

Before she deleted/deactivated everything, Taylor Swift followed Katy Perry. Plus, Katy is now following her too!

Please be true! Is it the VMAs yet?