5 Summer Activities for Adventurous Aussies

summer activities

Australia is a beautiful country, blessed with some amazing natural sights and some of the hottest summers. When it gets hot in the summer, you might think there is nothing to do but hide in an air-conditioned room, but nothing can be further from the truth. There are plenty of activities you can do in this weather and enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. No matter if you are an adventurous Aussie ready for a fun summer or a tourist on this continent ready to take a cue from the natives, you are bound to make some unforgettable memories with these five summer activities.


Hiking is a great summertime activity for all nature lovers. Having a hike through some of Australia’s beautiful rainforests or mountains will be a great exercise and a great opportunity to enjoy their amazing flora. If you are an adventurous spirit and appreciate breathtaking greenery, this is the perfect activity for you. Spending time in nature will help you clear your mind and get in touch with nature. This great activity is free, good for your health, and simple. All you have to do is walk and have fun. Australia has some amazing hike trails and you can have your pick. Wear comfortable shoes, bring lots of water, some food, and you’re ready to hit the trail.

Mountain biking

Exploring beautiful nature can be both exciting and physically demanding. If you are ready to put your strength and agility to the test, go mountain biking! There are few things that are a better match than enjoying nature and having a good exercise session. Summer is especially suitable for mountain biking. During summer when it gets scorching hot in the cities, biking trails are perfect for getting away from the heat and enjoying a good workout. Before you set off on this adventure, make sure you gear up. Having a reliable bike with quality mountain bike wheels is the key to having a good time while cycling. Otherwise, you might end up hiking instead of biking.

Urban climbing

This activity is a bit different. Exploring Australia’s beautiful natural landscapes is exciting, but only a part of what Australia has to offer. The architecture and the urban side of Australia are every bit as beautiful as its nature and they should be enjoyed as well. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks. You can take the Bridge Stairs to climb the Pylon Lookout in the South East Pylon of the bridge. Climbing this bridge will definitely be exciting and the view that awaits you on the top is unlike any other. Soak in the beautiful harbor and the whole city and make some pics to always have this spectacular view within easy reach.


Surfing is Australia’s favorite past time and with a good reason. This amazing activity gets you close to nature, cools you off, and is always exciting. When it gets hot, the best way to cool off is to go somewhere close to water. Australia is surrounded by oceans and when you hit the road, it doesn’t matter which way you are headed, you will get to a good surfing spot. If you are a native Aussie, you either know how to surf or you are overdue to learn it. You can welcome the morning on your surfboard, cool off during the day by hitting the waves, or enjoy the evening as you relax on the board in the beautiful ocean. Surfing is always a good idea and it just might save the world.

Road trip

A road trip is another summer activity that is perfect for all those adventurers who want to enjoy themselves in nature, but also to experience some of Australia’s city life. You can have a short trip or a longer one; it is all up to you. Create a good playlist, take your favorite travel companion, and discover some parts of Australia you have never seen before. You can take many different roads if you are about to explore this amazing country. They are all beautiful, exciting, and worth exploring.