The final instalment in the The Planet of The Apes prequel series has arrived!

This time around the humans have formed an all out war against the apes after a deadly virus (as seen in the previous instalment) has crippled the entire world. The apes stand united and will fight to protect their species. They will not go down without a fight!

In the final outing, the human focus has significantly shifted onto the ape cast (leaded by the amazing Caesar, voiced by Andy Serkis).  

Don’t fret though as it still manages to make for an engaging story as you really feel a connection and relatability towards the apes. Props to the filmmakers for managing to shift this dynamic without isolating viewers.

Despite having less of a human cast, Woody Harrelson takes on the human role of  The Colonel and truly owns it. He captures a military leader drunk on power perfectly. Little Nova (Amiah Miller) also brings the cuteness and touching moments in the film.

War For the Planet of The Apes is entirely relevant within the state of evolution. People are constantly questioning where we are headed as a human race and Apes smartly plays on this consciousness.

There’s also an underlying message of human cruelty towards animals and in turn, their very own race. 

Verdict: A well executed final instalment to The Planet of The Apes franchise that is loaded with powerful messages.

Overall Rating: 8/10

20th Century Fox.