Pretty Little Liars Series Finale Review

It’s officially the end of another era. 2017 is shaping up to be the year of farewelling long-running teen shows. First it was The Vampire Diaries, now PLL and soon Teen Wolf.

While the big AD reveal was predicted by fans in its final season run, it was still satisfying to see it all come true.

Surprisingly, the strange feeling of the reveal was that Alex Drake was not the overarching villain throughout the series. We had quite a few A’s, including Mona and CeCe Drake. This does not include all the times they tried to throw us off with Toby and Ezra (which only distracted us a little bit!)

With several renewals, it would have been difficult for I. Marlene King to try and tie in an all seeing A throughout the entire series. So yes, Mona really was A at one point and CeCe in turn was uber A.

A.D.  gets an honourable mention for being the most ruthless and sinister one of the lot. It made for some of the most memorable moments of the series – including the creepy mirror scene and the maniac A.D axe-swinging chase.

We had to hand it to Jenna’s sense of smell to figure out that Spencer was not Spencer!

The A mystery aside, we got to also properly farewell the characters and see which couples were endgame. In the end everyone ended up with who they were meant to be with. Spencer + Toby, Ezra + Aria, Hannah + Caleb and Emily + Alison. Mona also got a happy ending by moving to Paris and dating a hottie. Plus she even won the entire A game as A.D. and Mary Drake became her doll prisoners. She will forever be Queen A!

All is well.
It was nice to also see A theories played upon within the finale with Mona wearing a Melissa mask and Wren being in on the whole overarching plot. 
While most plot holes were tied up in the two hour swan song, there are still some questions that have surely been left aside. It was hilarious of the series to although acknowledge this by having the girls’ mums laugh and keep coy how they escaped that damn wine room!

Now it’s all over and we can finally move on from endlessly theorising the plot holes and trying to figure out who A is on a weekly loop.
Reflecting on the series as a whole, the heart of Pretty Little Liars is all about the bonds of friendship between the girls and a MAJOR statement on what bullying and being isolated can do to oneself. It attempted to explore mental health issues through the numerous A culprits. 

They all had serious issues going on which made it hard to actually hate their stalkers.  There is also a psychological lesson to be had here for neglecting loved ones and shunning individuals. A play on the nature versus nurture paradigm!

A cycle which never ends was depicted in the full circle ending of a new bunch of teen girls going through a stimulant situation. Hopefully they don’t go through the same ordeal.

Verdict: A satisfying send off! Farewell Pretty Little Liars, we will truly miss the weekly dose of craziness. Despite the flaws, it will live on as a cult classic. Thank you for a fun and wild seven years!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10