Netflix and Spill: Ojka (2017) Film Review

Netflix is no stranger to housing some seriously stellar films, and Okja is no exception.

Set in modern times, the film revolves around Mirando Corporation, a company who have begun breeding a unique brand of pigs in the hopes of finding a super pig. 

Ten years after sending them across the globe, they come hunting for the grown pigs. This is where we meet the loveable super pig, Okja and dedicated best friend, Mija (Seo-Hyun Ahn). Mirando want to take Okja away from his South Korean home to carry out their evil plans and Mija will stop at nothing to let it happen.

It’s a truly inspiring tale of human and animal connection. Do not mess with a pet and its owner!

There’s also plenty of talented faces along for the touching ride with Jake Gyllenhaal playing a wacky TV host along with Tilda Swinton as the even more wacky, Lucy Mirando. Lilly Collins also makes a significant appearance as animal activist, Red who is led by Paul Dano as activist leader, Jay.

There is certainly an underlying message and satire on the commercial production of the food we eat.  Okja even further explores common fears of genetic manipulation in animals. Is veganism the answer? It does certainly seem to play a driving force throughout the film without being to overt.

At times Okja does although suffer from its quick tonal shifts. It shifts between emotional and dramatic to eccentric and comedic. But despite the whiplash, it can sometimes provide for a more sinister tone due to the dark eccentricity of the film’s antagonists.

Verdict: A thoroughly touching and at times wacky journey that packs a powerful political punch.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Image: Netflix