New Toni Colette feature ‘Madame’ Will Premiere at Sydney Film Festival

If you’ve ever seen Little Miss Sunshine or The Sixth Sense, you’d be well aware of the rich, complex women that Academy Award® nominated Toni Collette embodies in her characters, and Madame looks set to follow the same path. Directed by French  novelist, playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker Amanda Sthers,  Madame is about a wealthy American couple Anne( Colette) and Bob( Harvey Keitel-Reservoir Dogs) who relocate to the Paris to spice up their marriage. Quite the society lady, she persuades loyal maid Maria (Rossy de Palma-Julieta), to disguise herself as a Spanish noblewoman to even out the numbers at an international dinner function. When Maria pulls it off a little too well with a most eligible British bachelor, what follows is a frenzied chase to bring her back.

Sacré bleu!

This movie will have its World Premiere at the Sydney Film Festival on 12 June at the State Theatre, and to celebrate stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Sthers.

Check out the trailer below and furnish your manners, ladies.

StudioCanal Australia

Madame will be released August 17.