Lorde – ‘Melodrama’ (2017) Album Review

After four years away, Lorde has finally graced us with her return to music!

Embracing a whole new attitude and mature tone since her Pure Heroine debut era, Melodrama is Lorde at her best yet.

“Green Light” is no doubt one of the biggest anthems of 2017. It rocketed on the charts and attracted critical acclaim and rightly so.

While she has grown up a lot, her style is relatively intact and feels very much like the Lorde we met back on the “Tennis Court”.

Melodrama is experimental in essence and still manages to stay grounded within the realms of pop. The whole structure of the album is quite a strange one with the body of work featuring reprises, combined tracks and continuations. A refreshing take on the art of album storytelling.

It’s a very personal effort by the songstress that delves into the complexities of youth. The lessons and turmoils we go through in life along with the soul searching thoughts that accompany them. Searching for fulfilment from “Perfect Places” to coming off euphoric highs on “Sober.”

There’s of course heartbreak and rebellion to be had here too. Heartbreak of being that person who is crazy in love on “Writer In the Dark” and “Supercut”,  to blindly taking on the world on “Homemade Dynamite.”

The Kiwi singer also teamed up with Aussie hit maker Flume on the stylish and infectious “The Louvre.”
A flawlessly produced tune!

Verdict: Melodrama is an ambitious and experimental feat that takes listeners on a unique journey into Lorde’s youth.  It’s exciting to see the talented singer evolve as an artist and become a unique voice for her generation.

Best Tracks: Green Light, Sober, Perfect Places, Homemade Dynamite, Supercut, Hard Feelings/Loveless.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10