Hanne Leland Debuts New Single “You Don’t Own Me”

Swedish singer, Hanne Leland has dropped her brand new single “You Don’t Know Me”.

“You Don’t Own Me” is a touching song Leland wrote about a tough time in her life.

” I wrote it about a specific time in my life where I was dealing some really difficult personal stuff. For me it was a declaration to myself that no one and nothing owns me, and that no matter how hurt I am, I’m going to push through.” Hanne said of the song.

She further added, “Depression does not own me, and people’s words and opinions does not own me. I think the song is relatable for anyone who have gone through something challenging, whether it’s depression, bullying, a break-up, or really anything.”

UK Production due Red Triangle, who have worked with Charlie Puth, Little Mix, and The Vamps also helped write the song.  Impressive stuff indeed!

Listen to the catchy new single below:

“You Don’t Own Me” is available now on all digital stores and streaming services.