Darren Criss Gets us Clicking with New Music Project: “Computer Games”

Darren Criss, the breakout star of Glee and one of the frontrunners of the show, always had more to give.

He played Beau Bridges in How to Get Rich Without Really Trying,  and donned the spectacles as  Harry Potter in the A Very Potter Musical series, formed by his own production company StarKid.

Now Criss has joined forces with his brother Chuck (previously of the band Freelance Whales)  in what is a family jam that two brothers likely spoke of for years, but are finally putting into motion.

“Every Single Night” is a fun, alt-pop upbeat track with traces of 80s nostalgia, showcasing Criss’ tenor range and carefree attitude that saw him much loved for his previous work.  “With a feeling like this can’t get any better //You can lose your mind//But you better keep our bodies close together” he coos as he dons more skivvies than the Wiggles in the music video.

It almost feels like you’ve put the dime in the arcade game and are ready to play.

Lost Boys Life EP is available to listen now, after you’re done getting over this sunburn photo.