Baywatch (2017) Film Review

Baywatch (2017) Film Review

Baywatch was a cult classic back in the day and has now been given a modern major picture update.

In the big screen adaption, lifeguard Mitch Buchanan (The Rock) clashes with bad boy new recruit, Matt (Zac Efron). Not only does he have to deal with Matt, there are strange happenings in the seemingly perfect landscape.

Sounds like a splashing good time, but is sadly some how poorly executed.

The jokes don’t even feel forced here, it just seems like there is little effort put into making any of the jokes funny.

Another major problem with Baywatch is that there is no character development or proper reasoning for their motivations. It makes it difficult to care for any of them when things get serious.

Efron does his best with the material he has been given. But why does he feel like a side character to a film he’s supposed to be leading?

He exists solely to compliment The Rock rather than be a character in his own right.

Don’t even get us started on how heavily under-utilised Alexandra Daddario is. She’s no damsel in distress but is only part of the main cast to add some diversity.

The only thing going for the movie is Priyanka Chopra and her portrayal of badass, Victoria. Her scenes are fun to watch as she just effortlessly owns the role despite her little screen time.

Other good things include a cool soundtrack and some good old fashioned nostalgia (if that hasn’t been capitalised on already).

Verdict: Weak laughs and outlandish plotlines make this comedy one to skip. Strictly for Zac Efron eye-candy only!

Overall Rating: 5/10

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