After all these years, we finally have a live motion feature length Wonder Woman film!

We answer the big question: has DC got it right this time?

Much to our surprise – yes, it has. Glory to the gods!

The film covers all of Diana’s (aka Wonder Woman) origins, right from a wee princess to her formative adult years.

It tells the story of the Amazon people, an independent island of female warriors . Things go awry with the arrival of the Germans on their hidden island, Themyscira as it too falls victim to the horrors of the Great War.

British spy named Steve (Chris Pine) captures the attention of Diana (Gal Gadot) who vows to put an end to the atrocities of war forever.

What really works here is that there is a perfect balance of dark and light, with a serious subject matter at hand balanced with a lot of light intertwined. Humour and cheesiness abounds, by way of cleansing the dark palette. Something which Batman Vs. Superman severely lacked. It’s no wonder Wonder Woman stole the show.

Striking the right balance. / Image: Roadshow Films.

This balance is the movies central theme, really. Even though it’s set during the first World War , it feels very culturally relevant to today’s times of difference and the perspective from the Other Side.

With messages of love and the turmoils of war, Wonder Woman really taps into the right psyche.

Credit goes to the superb casting choices of Gal Gadot  who was made for this role and brings to life the character in the best way possible. She also shares such a strong chemistry with Pine that you can’t help but love whenever they are on screen together.

Bring on Justice League! If Wonder Woman is anything to go by, DC have it in the bag.

A marvel on its own terms.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10