We’re Getting an Emoji Movie, because it’s 2017

Wreck-It Ralph was about the hidden world of arcade game characters, all hoping to be chosen by a first-person player.  It had a nostalgic, 80s feel that was a throwback of sorts to Pacman and other 16 bit worlds of Nintendo and the like.

Now Sony Pictures is giving us an emoji movie, because even journalism and other news agencies cannot escape those little characters that have evolved since the smileys on your Nokia 3310. Seriously, we have a taco to express our innermost feelings?

TJ Miller is Gene, an ill-fated individual who is not confined to one expression, enlisting the help of Hi-5 (James Corden) and Jailbreak (a codebreaker) who search for through  apps on the phone messaging city Textopolis that will make him normal like everybody else.

Yep, it has a WIR feel for certain since the elusive code is threatened by deletion (or perhaps exceeded storage space?)

Oh, and Sofia Vergara is the lady in the red dress, in case that wasn’t already clear. Appenstance!

Sony Pictures