Paramore ‘After Laughter’ (2017) Album Review

Paramore ‘After Laughter’ (2017) Album Review

Paramore has gone through a number of changes, both sonically and physically.

Band members have departed, and one has returned with Zac Farro back for ‘After Laughter’.

At heart, the lyrics of the new album scream Paramore with its dealing of emotions.

They channel a lot of feelings and thoughts we go through in life which can often be hard to express.

“Told You So” is the perfect example of this as it deals with people who have no faith in you. While “Idle Worship” is the opposite, touching on when people expect to much from you.

“Fake Happy” on the other hand brings to life the common society norm of pretending everything is okay. It’s an anthem of being tired of pretending.

While they may have a new funky style sound here, Paramore are still very present. Except this time around, they are making you cry-dance instead.

There is still some slow jams and classic rock jams for fans who miss their old style, although the old pop-rock instrumentals are not exactly the same. It needs to be consistent after all, right?

Verdict: ‘After Laughter’ breaks a four year hiatus and in turn introduces a new style. A sound which is quite fun and different.

Artists need to grow and Paramore is doing exactly that.

Favourite tracks: Hard Times, Told You So, Rose-Colored Boy, Forgiveness, Fake Happy, Idle Worship.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10