Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

We are back, Alien fans! Another chapter in the Alien series has finally been released.

It’s been a while since the prequel side of the series kicked off with Prometheus being released back in 2012.

This time around  a colony ship and its crew are looking for a better world. Yes, just like Passengers did… except they find a mysterious destination. While it may seem like a peaceful place to set up new life, something sinister lurks about.

Michael Fassbender also returns to the Alien series and is by far the biggest stand out of the film. He is remarkable to watch here and truly owns his character. He did that good of a job, that he even kisses himself! You’ll have to watch the movie to see what we mean.

Plus, the effects do a superb job in creating the ugly and insanely creepy aliens in the film.

The sci-fi film although suffers from pacing issues. It flows very oddly between scenes and does not take any time to provide more explanation on what is unfolding around them.

While the film does open strongly, it somehow drags its feet with exposition. When everything does kick off, it just goes running forward and can be quite confusing for the audience.

Despite its flaws, Alien: Covenant is much more grounded into the universe of the Alien series and feels very much like an Alien film. Something  fans questioned with Prometheus.

This will rip into you.

Overall Rating: 7/10