Table 19 (2017) Film Review

Table 19 (2017) Film Review

Oh weddings, how we love thee.

While it can be a happy time for the couple tying the knot, it can often be a painful experience for guests. 

Well, not always depending on how close you are to the couple.

This is where Table 19 comes in as the film puts the spotlight on those “extra” guests (those random couplings of unwanted and/or distant relationships). The guests here include ex best-friend, played by Anna Kendrick, a cute nanny (June Squibb), a jailbird brother (Stephen Merchant), a socially awkward kid (Tony Revolori) and a bitter married couple portrayed by Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson.

It’s an entire film set at a wedding reception focusing on the unpopular attendees. That’s about it really as most of the interesting issues are explored in past tense. 

But that’s not the major problem as Table 19 had such potential to be so much more. It although falls flat in execution with numerous Hollywood clichés thrown in the mix and odd tonal shifts. It also doesn’t help that we hardly know the best friend/bride of Kendrick’s character.  This might have been intentional to make the audience feel the disconnect the characters have with the bride.

At times it does get a little more meaningful as it  touches on the more personal issues of the guests.  Yet even that struggles to come through as the tone shifts back and forth between comedy and drama. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Verdict: It’s an easy viewing if you are looking for some mild humour but don’t expect to fall out of your seat laughing.

Overall Rating: 5/10