It’s Official-‘Suits’ Season 7 Returns this July

Whether you’re here for Harvey or Mike, we can rejoice as Wednesday July 12 will see the duo back in action at New York’s slickest law firm.

This time Mike is an actual lawyer, as is Rachel, which will be an interesting dynamic for the two as they progress further into their relationship.

It’s also timely as Meghan Markle is unlikely to return after this season, as she may move to London to be with Prince Harry. Talk about trading up…

Poor Donna and Louis are somewhat unfulfilled as they search for a sense of purpose and recover from long-standing heartaches, with Donna’s confession to Harvey that she wanted “something more” ambiguous and a further cause of strife between their already fractured relationship.

At least we’ll always have good ol’ Gretchen to pick up after everyone’s mess and may even see former managing partner Jessica weave in and out of the picture (Mike sort of owes her one, after all).


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