Harry Styles Performs ‘Sign of the Times’ and Debuts New Single on SNL

Harry Styles Performs ‘Sign of the Times’ and Debuts New Single on SNL

Hiatus or not, former 1Der Harry Styles was working on music on the sly as did Niall, Zayn, and Louis.

Following other artists such as Justin Bieber who have successfully transitioned from teen pop idol to credible musician, we were given a glimpse of the classical rock vibes of the Brit who has cited The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as infleunces.

He certainly dressed like a Pom for the occasion, opening his set in a plaid outfit and showing initial restraint with quiet, yet strong vocals in ‘Sign of the Times.’  As the guitar and vocals intensified, he gave the odd cheeky smile of enjoyment that we’ve come to love, rarely leaving the mic stand to dance or break away.   This was a more acoustic yet still refined rendition of the song, a powerful rock ballad nonetheless.

By the time we got to ‘Ever Since New York,’ his blazer was off, he was swaying with his guitar gently and his facial expressions were reminiscent of one Mick Jagger. ‘Oooh, tell me something I don’t already know,’ he cooed as he teased about a lonely encounter in Brooklyn, before crescendoing into the choral accompaniment of the final verse.

There is something unquestionably British about this performance, and if you needed further clarification, may we direct you to the opening number of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’, alongside host Jimmy Fallon?