Get Out (2017) Film Review

Get Out (2017) Film Review

Jordan Peele of Key and Peele fame has carved quite the name for himself as a comedian, actor and now director with his new horror baby, Get Out. Before you run for the hills, take a seat (albeit on the edge) and prepare yourself for a new take on a well fleshed-out genre.

The film opens with a simple yet uncomfortable premise. Chris Washington (Daniel KaluuyaBlack Mirror) is invited to girlfriend Rose Armitage’s (Alison Williams-Girls) home to meet her all-America parents who “would have voted for Obama for a third term” if they could. Chris is reluctant to go, yet his hesitation is brushed off with quick assurances that his skin colour is no issue at all and hence love is blind to the dangers at hand.

Much of the film is understated in its treatment of racial tension, but it is powerful nonetheless. It’s exactly the kind where you feel that people who try super hard to be inclusive end up offending people in the process. There are even several jabs at the TSA, in case you missed the incorrect racial profiling arc.

When Chris feels entrapped in this  household with its strangely compliant servants, the acting here is expressed with incredible conviction through the eyes. Scarier than any jump frights or supercuts is the lurking, watching, voyeuristic tone of the movie that makes you feel uncomfortable to stay but too awkward to leave.  That style manipulates you and sucks you in the same style as the major reveal in the movie.

Resembling a history lesson on steroids, it rolls comedy, drama and horror all into one, but unlike the removal of a dead body, this one can easily get past us.  Be warned-the eugenics lesson that is akin to a Nazi experiment will certainly leave you scratching at your scalp.

Blink, and you’ll miss it. And you do NOT want to miss this one.

Verdict: 8/10


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