Selena Gomez is on board with new Official ’13 Reasons Why’ Trailer

Our gal Selena has been an outspoken critic of bullying, and has long advocated for the importance of treating everyone kindly in her recent speech at the AMAs.

Is it any surprise then, that she is on board with a Netflix series about a girl who leaves 13 chilling tapes to each of her tormentors who are supposedly accountable for her suicide?

We see all the key moments of high school that you expect of a typical teen-the prom slow dance, the basketball team and the hall confrontations. Here the exception is that our classmate Hannah is clearly out of the picture as she narrates her life and explains what made her tick. But is she as innocent as she seems?

A noticeabley aged  Kate Walsh  (Grey’s Anatomy) is the grief-stricken mother struggling to come to terms with her daughter’s apparently abrupt act  while  Clay (Dylan Minette –Don’t Breathe) scratches the surface about the superficial cliques that are formed out of the self-serving needs of teenagers.

So far we think it’s The OA, meets Paper Towns. 



What does it remind you of?

For now, we are certain that if it has Selena’s seal of approval, then that is a good “why” for us.

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