Another Kong, you say?

We had the exact same thought when heading into the Eight Wonder of the World’s new flick, but what a delightful surprise it was!

This time around, we are treated to a wildly different story to the one we know. No Kong falling in love and heading to the city.

It feels much more organic to see Kong’s world throughout, rather than him looking at the other way around.

Instead, we go back in history to when a  team of explorers and soldiers venture to a hidden island. Little to their knowledge, they are then treated to a mythic land full of creepy monsters and the home of the majestic (and enormous) Kong.

Tom Hiddleston (who is looking mighty fine here) leads the pack as James, alongside Brie Larson who plays photographer, Mason. Samuel L. Jackson (Preston) is also quite notable with his many one-liners, but it is John C. Reilly (Hank) who steals the show with so many laugh out moments that make for such a fun film.

While fun, Skull Island also deals with some serious material.  Human ignorance is a major one of them after they consistently insist on being the superior race, along with tackling anger and revenge.

It also has some political elements to it, with the discussion of nature fighting back against human destruction. A Kong for the modern day audience!

Verdict: An entertaining and thrilling take on King Kong with a much more fresh approach to the character and story.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10