Ed Sheeran – ‘÷ (Divide)’ (Album Review)

Everyone stop what you’re doing! After months of teasing, the wait is finally over and Ed Sheeran’s new album ÷ (Divide) was released today!

The album has been much anticipated since Ed went on a social media hiatus at the end of 2015 and we have heard nothing since… until the first day of 2017 when he announced a new album, then shortly after released the two smash hits Shape of You and Castle on the Hill, followed by the teaser song How Would You Feel (Paean) just recently.

The hiatus was reportedly spent working on his third studio album and you can tell that if paid off. This album is incredible!

‪Just over 24 hours and ÷ is released !‬

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It’s an emotional journey with high energy songs like Galway Girl, Barcelona, and Bibia Be Ye Ye; and lows with soft ballads and love songs like Hearts Don’t Break Around Here, Supermarket Flowers and Happier.

The album starts with the song Eraser, where the verse is rapped and the lyrics are a reflection of his life and his profession. They lyrics are honest, the subject matter is gritty, and it’s a stand-out track. It sets the tone for the rest of the album which shows how much he has grown as a person and artist since his first album was released in 2011.

Ed Sheeran has always been honest with his lyrics and his easy going lifestyle and personality is personified in the song What Do I Know?. You feel like you get to know him through the song and brings you into the world he is in, which allows you to relate to his music (if you didn’t already!).

There are more fun songs like Shape of You, and Galway Girl is catchy and makes you want to sing and dance along. This album has some standout lyrics like the song New Man, which is one of my favourites. It talks about Instagram stalking a girl with a new man and how the girl has changed since they’ve broken up. It’s socially relevant and lyrically funny.

Shape of You video tomorrow

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The song Dive is a heartfelt love song where his voice is less refined as it is on his other tracks. This is actually a good thing and helps portray the emotion behind his lyrics. Happier is another heartfelt love song that has the typical Ed Sheeran charm. Half of the album is actually quite slow and formulaic which is possibly to it’s detriment, however the lyrics are so fantastic that it can almost be forgiven.

The other song that’s worth mentioning is Supermarket Flowers. It starts off with a pretty piano melody and Ed’s angelic voice, but quickly realise that the song is about the death of his grandmother. It’s disconcertingly touching and I had goosebumps from the moment I started listening until the point where I started tearing up halfway through the second verse.

Monday… ÷

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Overall, the album is fantastic. I wish there were a few less sleepy, slow songs but Ed Sheeran really does make magic with those beautiful melodies and you have to let it go. The album is grittier, fun, personal, and takes you on a journey. It’s definitely going to dominate the charts for the good part of this year – and for good reason. I highly recommend it.

Listen to it on Spotify now!