A Farewell To ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (Series Finale Recap)

CW’s blood-sucking hit, The Vampire Diaries came to an end and we have only just recovered from everything that went down.

In honour of the iconic show, lets reflect on the EPIC series finale. My way of properly saying goodbye to the series!

First of all, Nina Dobrev finally returned (as promised) and it felt like the good old days again. Though, I must admit that I did like the final season despite Dobrev’s absence. It really allowed the show to shift its dynamic and move beyond the love triangle.

Let’s recap what went down in the final episode EVER and reflect by character:

Bonnie: She was so badass and fully proved why she was my favourite character throughout the series. After a rough journey, Bonnie has finally become the most powerful Bennett witch ever!

The hell-fire spell scene was so epic that I literally had tears of joy, especially seeing Enzo and the entire Bennett clan at her side. So beautiful!

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Matt: Hurray, the sole human survivor made it to the end! Something creator, Julie Plec vowed to make sure happened. He decided to stay in Mystic Falls and shine as Sheriff. You deserve it Matt! Vicki Donovan also found peace with Tyler too.

Caroline: While not the happiest of endings. Caroline lost Stefan forever, but in turn it allowed her to shine and open up a school for the mystically gifted.

Among her colleagues was also Elena’s brother, Jeremy! Klaus was the cherry on top though as he donated to the cause and left her a letter wishing to eventually meet again.

So perhaps this is not farewell to her character as she could potentially crossover to The Originals.

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Alaric: While it may seem he was selfish in the finale, Alaric put his kids first.

In the end Alaric ended up helping Caroline open the new school for the gifted. It was quite touching to also see his wife appear too and see him still help out his friends.

Stefan: It was impossible for Stefan to get out of the finale alive. If he lived to see another day, how could he ever deal with all the guilt as a human? Too be truly redeemed, he had to make the ultimate sacrifice.

I was on the edge of my seat thinking Damon compelled him out of it. The shot of him turning back made me question what truly went down though, so that was kind of a giveaway.

As the episode’s central theme focused on peace, it was a truly fitting ending for the character to finally be at true peace. And what better way to be at peace then with his bestie, Lexie! PERFECT.

Damon: Oh how we will miss this bad boy. The final episode entailed classic one-liners and joyous interactions with Katherine Pierce.

Coming full-circle, he is although a different man to the one we have seen in early TVD days. Willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for his brother, Stefan came to the realisation that Damon is truly now his best self.

After Stefan made the fatal sacrifice, we learned that Damon is finally human. He gets to live a normal life with Elena now, but he is forever hinged over losing his brother. A brothers love is unbreakable!

But he need not worry, as we see that Damon’s ultimate peace will eventually lead him (or already has depending on your interpretation) back to his brother.

Katherine/Elena: Obviously, Katherine didn’t make it to the end and finally perished in hell-fire.

Elena although got to live out her well deserved happy-ending as Bonnie (who is now a boss queen witch) managed to break Kai’s sleep curse. Thankfully Bonnie didn’t have to die!

We also got a beautiful moment during Stefan’s passing where Elena got to see Stefan one final time. The Fray’s “Never Say Never” played in the background and all the feels kicked into high gear.

In the closing scenes, all the diaries began to sign-off for the final time and it could not have wrapped more perfectly then with Elena’s final entry tying right back to the beginning of the series.

While the chemistry did feel a little off between her and Damon, it’s understandable considering Elena was out of the picture for two seasons.

Some questions remain though (possibly intentionally for our own views): Can people travel and see different loved ones once passing on? Did Elena and Damon die in the end (a flash forward) or was it just their perceptions of peace? Let us know your theories in the comments.

Despite all that, it was a perfect goodbye to a series that centrally dealt with love, loss and grief.

Thank you for all the tears, joy and epic moments you have brought to our lives. #TVDForever

Overall Rating: 9/10