Doesn’t seem like a good start to 2017 for Sydney’s breakky radio show host’s Rove McManus and Sam Frost, announcing today that their regular spot has been cancelled.

Southern Cross Austereo announced yesterday that the pair will move to a one hour slot on weekdays at 7pm. Both have announced statements about how they are pleased to be sticking together in a new gig.

“One of the pleasures of 2016 has been working with Sam,” said Rove, “so I am looking forward to continuing working with her in 2017 at a more civilised time of day.” Sam added, “I’m pleased to move on with my friend Rove to our next gig, as well as undertake other commitments outside of radio.”

The breakfast spot will be filled by the hilarious Em Rusciano and Harley Breen.


We’re sure that Rove and Sam will make the best of their new slot, and we wish Em and Harley all the best with the new gig!