DNCE is the toe-tapping debut album by four-piece newcomers DNCE, fronted by Joe Jonas.

After the huge success of Cake by the Ocean and their debut EP, Sway, DNCE have released their self-titled album. The album is a fun and catchy mix of funk and pop, full of heavy bass lines, cheesy lyrics and impressive falsettos.

Blown is one of the stand out tracks and features rapper Kent Jones. You can hear the influence of the psychedelic sixties in the melody but the rap verse successfully transitions it into modern day magic.

The songs Zoom and Pay My Rent are fun and flirty, and sound like they would be amazing to see live, again with an amazing modern retro pop vibe. Body Moves is sultry and sexy, and the film clip is downright steamy.

The album is about as far from the Disney Channel start that Joe Jonas got with his musical career as he can get. It is a more mature mix of the boyband formula, using a retro pop assortment which showcases the band and isn’t over produced, and with more than just a hint of explicit content. The album does follow its formula a little bit too much though, and each upbeat song is more or less a slightly different version of the last.

There are some slow, soulful ballads which give the overall album some depth and is a nice break from the energy from the rest of the album. Almost is another standout track, with slow, muted guitar riffs and lyrics which show of Jonas’ impressive vocal range. The content is much more mature with lyrics such as “I’d say it’s your fault, but you don’t deserve it,” which shows that the band is not stuck in the frivolity that the rest of the album is centred around.

The band doesn’t take itself too seriously which is an asset to their overall sound. It allows for each song to be larger than life, and you can’t help but tap your foot along to the beat – that is if you can stop yourself from dancing!


Standout tracks: Cake by the Ocean, Blown, Zoom, Almost, Body Moves