Don’t judge a film by its title…

While accounting may seem like a tedious profession, Roadshow Films The Accountant makes it seem cool.

It tells the story of Christian Wolff (played perfectly by Ben Affleck) who is appointed as the lead to uncover missing money for a state of the art robotics company. Along the way he discovers there is something more unsettling to the story as numerous stakeholders turn up dead.

Anna Kendrick plays Dana Cummings (the accounting clerk who discovers the discrepancy) appearing in and out of the film, and sharing some great chemistry with Affleck along the way. It would have been great if she got more screen-time though as the stills, BTS looks and trailers made it seem like she had a more prominent role.

Numerous plots are interwoven into the action-drama, which can at times be distracting for viewers. Yep, whiplash at its finest! But in the end (with thorough concentration) the plots intertwine and sort themselves out without leaving any plot-holes, thankfully.

Despite the above, The Accountant does steer away from typical Hollywood blockbuster fluff by focusing on elements other than romance and emotional turmoil. Always a plus sign as far too many flicks take a corny romance route.

There is also quite a few surprises and twists along the way, which make for a highly enjoyable action flick.

Verdict: An entertaining action drama that will make you look at accountants like never before!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10