Netflix and Spill: The Crown

“The Crown must win. Must always win…”

Before William and Kate, there was Charles and Diana.

Before Charles and Diana, there was Elizabeth and Philip.

Except Elizabeth is more powerful than Philip but must balance that with being a wife, a mother and a sister.

Here we enter The Crown, a $100 million dollar series that provides a dramatised yet well researched look into the lives of the British Royal Family, just when many thought they were becoming irrelevant.

Claire Foy is no stranger to period dramas, although you might remember her from Vampire Academy. Her style captures the anxiety, uncertainty and burden that befalls the young queen, yet we see her rise to the occasion with grace and humanity.

Keeping her in check is her cheeky husband played by Matt Smith (Doctor Who), not exactly a dead ringer for the part but nonetheless one who is fun and funny to watch.  Vanessa Kirby (Me Before You) is the feisty sister Princess Margaret whose free spirit threatens to shake up the influence of the family. Her story is equally a breath of fresh air and poignantly tragic.

It wouldn’t be a regal affair without its share of scandals, heartbreak and clash between tradition and modernity. Many times you become enamoured with the simple desires of those whose private lives have been compromised. What seems miniscule has lasting effects even to this very day.

So far we have seen the formative, early years of the queen, but with further seasons in the pipeline, we are set for more lavish costumes and corgis.

A royal engagement that cannot be missed.

A Netflix Original Series.