Although it may not seem like it at the time, there are plenty of benefits to being both single and taken. As ScrollDroll have taken the time to point out, there are clearly many things that a man has to give up when he’s in a relationship. For example, a very important thing that they have to give up is their facial hair, which can be seen in the funny comic below.


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See? As a woman myself, I think the guy on the right looks better, but that’s just a matter of personal opinion. Many other women (and men) out there prefer the rugged facial hair that some men can just pull off with ease. I am yet to see a man do this, but eh, maybe I’m a bit jaded. His hair looks better too. Who would’ve thought that getting a partner would make someone want to take more pride in their appearance?

There’s definitely this vibe that single people give off. It’s a vibe that says ‘well, I don’t owe my personal appearance to anyone’, kind of thing. And if that’s not true for you, then good for you! But for myself, sometimes I really just don’t have the energy to look pretty that day. I’m sure it’s the same for men as well. Some days, you just wake up and look in the mirror and are like ‘well, goddamn, this is as good as it’s going to get’.

Luckily for all of those people with partners out there, they have someone they want to impress and look nice for. Their partner is someone they’ve chosen to spend time with outside of when they feel like they have to because that person makes them feel good on the inside, and therefore, they want to look good on the outside as well. That’s why the razors and hair gel comes out.


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Your wallet definitely gets thinner too when you’ve got someone who you want to spend money on. Dinners, nights out on the town, going to the movies, snuggling up at home with a pizza, all of those things you used to do by yourself are no longer an option anymore because you have a partner. Definitely NOT a bad thing, as you now have someone to share your favourite place to go to dinner with or have someone to cuddle with when you watch that movie that you KNOW makes you have nightmares.

Although some of these things listed might feel like a chore, just think about how wonderful it is that your life has changed and you now have someone to share it with.

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