Anybody who has been up to date with social media would have seen 3 endearing boys and a feisty girl making headlines for their show about their quest to find their missing friend amidst a backdrop of an eerie government conspiracy. If you caught the Emmy’s, you would have seen their stellar performance of uptown funk, or as recently as this week, their tour of the White House for the Student Film Festival.

Rightly so.

ST opens with the disappearance of Will Byers after he rides his bicycle home from his friends house after a night of boardgames. We know there is some sort of sinister monster on the loose, but we only catch glimpses of what we think it might be.

At the same time, we are introduced to a mysterious girl named Eleven, who possesses some dark powers of her own.

Winona Ryder is wonderfully convincing as his fiercely determined mother, who has to fight the disbelief of the authorities and her friends, while maintaining her own grief.

We can’t forget the music.

Opening credits greet us with a soundtrack reminiscent of Blade Runner and other sci-fi flicks of the era, and the soundtrack is a harrowing synthesiser score. Thankfully, we are graced with a soundtrack that features the likes of the Clash and Joy Division,among other iconic bands.

Stranger Things ropes you in and reels you out with the same consistent pace across 8 episodes. It’s only flaw is that once you binge on it, you’re left with the realisation that you have to wait until next season.

A Netflix Original Series.