You heard the woman…
Back Off, Haters! You kent stahp me, Imma starr! 
Sound familiar?
Miranda Sings is a girl blissfully unaware of her lack of talent, and self-deluded to the point where she believes her haters just gotta give her the big Broadway break she deserves.
Her (questionable) hobbies include singing, dancing and magic, the latter which results in her very nearly killing her one obsessed fan, Patrick.
Her manager (her live-at-home Uncle Jim), her sister (the only seemingly “normal” one) and her wilting flower of a mother also serve to either enable or discourage her,  often with hilarious resuts.
Colleen Ballinger, the show’s creator and title character, has made waves featuring along the likes of comedian greats Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Fallon. Her YouTube channel-which birthed the character- boasts billions of views.
So how does she go from 4 minute segments to 8 half-hour episodes?

HBO  isn’t a comedy about a girl with real talent who is simply misunderstood. Still, there is much charm in her child-like innocence and misguided-although -steady determination to succeed. Miranda is not afraid to get ugly which is  relief during the more cringeworthy moments!

Many YouTubers have tried (and failed) to make the jump from the ‘tube to the TV, losing subscribers in the process.
If you’re a fan, you’ll love her no matter what. For the rest of us, there’s always the comments section.
A Netflix Original Series.