A hard Knox life…

“There are those who believe in my innocence, and those who believe in my guilt.


There is no in between.”
Not in recent years have we seen something as eerie and compelling as Amanda Knox.
Following the rise in murder mystery documentaries like Making a Murderer, we are exposed to both sides of the story, though gaps remain.
We see key interviews with the police, the prosecutor, the forensics team and most importantly the media, who all play a role into constructing Amanda into the person that they think she is.
Crossing between real footage and reenactments, piece by piece we edge closer to the evidence and clues that lead us to the final verdict.
It’s a real clash of cultures.
Italy is the pristine, paradise location turned hellish nightmare that hosts a young, free-spirited American traveller who perhaps went off the rails.
You can’t help but judge based on the hysteria, but just when you find certainty a new fact will flip your theory on its head.
Don’t miss your day in court!
A Netflix Original Series.