Lady Gaga Might Be The Best Carpool Karaoke Guest Yet

Carpool Karaoke is the highlight of James Cordon’s show and his latest guest, Lady Gaga, does not disappoint!


It starts with Gaga road raging at other cars on the road and perfectly segues into Gaga and Cordon rapping Ludacris’s Move Bitch. Gaga even drives for a bit, which is terrifying considering she only got her drivers licence a couple of months before hand.

You get a really cool insight into her song writing process (she wrote Bad Romance, Just Dance and Born this Way in less than 10 minutes) and of course there is singing… and damn can Gaga belt it out! She absolutely kills it and sounds better than her recordings, saying “I sometimes harmonise with myself.” Hands down, she is his best musical guest yet!

Watch the clip above and I promise you that as soon as you finish you will want to make a best of Lady Gaga playlist just like I did, or you can check out mine below!