Lady Gaga – ‘Joanne’ (Album Review)

Gaga drops the theatrics and lets the music shine…

Goodbye ARTPOP, Hello Joanne!

It’s been THREE whole years since we last had a pure-pop Gaga album and now she is finally back!

Joanne showcases the “Alejandro” songstress like never before, seemingly dropping the outfits and outlandish styles (which ARTPOP was full of) with a stripped back album dedicated to her late aunty, Joanne.

“Million Reasons” and “Angel Down” are the most notable tracks that allow the popstar to be at her most emotional. Ditching pop sounds for acoustic driven melodies to express her thoughts on the struggle to keep on following her dream in “Million Reasons”, while making a statement on society in “Angel Down”.

In an unlikely collaboration, Florence Welch makes a surprising appearance as one of the only features on the album. The pair remarkably fit so well together on a beautifully catchy and chilled bop called “Hey Girl”. Slay a bit girls!

Mark Ronson and BloodPop also played a heavy role in the production of the album, doing a superb job at that. Their most recognised effort at the moment is their involvement with first album single, “Perfect Illusion”.

While heavy on production and receiving mixed reviews, “Perfect Illusion” really allowed her to break away from the ARTPOP era. It provided for a pop-defying single that questions the foundation of our very own realities.

In a way the single perfectly sums up her various personas – The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way, ARTOP and even Cheek To Cheek. What really is reality?

A perfect illusion indeed.

Fave Tracks: Diamond Heart, A-YO, Joanne, Million Reasons, Dancin’ In Circles, Come To Mama, Hey Girl, Angel Down & Perfect Illusion.

Verdict: Lady Gaga takes on a new pop persona as Joanne, one that is much more grounded with a country/rock touch. An evolution of Mother Monster that provides for a coherent and powerful LP!

Overall Rating: 8.2/10

Universal Music.

‘Joanne’ is out now!