Technology is always moving ahead, and it’s been pretty hard to ignore for us movie buffs. You’ve no doubt noticed the buzz in recent years over 4K ultra HD, virtual reality and so forth. Like many people, you may have jumped on the livestreaming band wagon, and been disappointed by the glitchy, choppy experience you got out of it. Fortunately, you don’t have to grit your teeth through it and wait. There are many ways you can improve your livestreaming experience. Here are just a few…

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First of all, try combining your wired and wireless networks. A wired internet connection is always going to be more reliable than a wireless one, no matter how great your provider and gear is. However, living with countless cables isn’t always convenient, so I’d recommend combining wired and wireless networks wherever you can. Make sure you’re keeping your router in the best possible place for the location of your entertainment center, and making the best possible use of fixed Ethernet connections. When you’re trying to stream things in HD or 4K, always try to use an Ethernet cable, as your router will give priority to hard-line connections, and create far less interference for other devices which are connected through Wi-Fi.

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I mentioned it earlier and I’ll say it again; make sure everything’s in the best location possible. If you’re not able to prioritize the entertainment center you’re trying to use around an Ethernet jack, then it’s especially important to place it somewhere where you know you can avoid any Wi-Fi blind spots. A good way to check for these is to simply connect your phone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network, and walk around the house paying attention to the signal. If it drops to only one or two bars, then you’ve hit a blind spot. Once you find these weak signal areas, you can take steps to help the signal, like getting some Wi-Fi repeaters or extenders and plugging them in around blind spots. This will ensure that your streaming experience is a lot more fluent, and you won’t have to deal with choppy, pixelated shows or movies.

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Finally, like with anything you use your entertainment center for, your livestreaming experience can be greatly improved by getting some better gear. If you’re like me, and stay up way too late because you need to see what happens next, then you can up the quality of your audio with some good Bluetooth headphones. Visit a buying guide such as the one at Dextro Audio to get started. Another thing that can really improve your viewing experience is a concave monitor. This will provide you with a wider viewing field, and the sensation of the screen surrounding you will make whatever you’re watching feel much more immersive. Pretty much all the curved screens on the market are 4K, so you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to picture quality.